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Originally Posted by DasBlitz View Post
+1 America can not act like the perfect country. But we have learned and now abide by these things. Therefore China has to be judged differently and when China is doing really well you have to ask yourself "what if they had laws and ethics?"
Again, that is not an issue.
The issue is -- 15 years ago, China was 60 years behing us. 15 years ago, we were ahead of where we're now.
China, of course has issues. A billion people living in powerty is huge exaggeration.
They have 1.7B people there, almost 6x what we have here, but yet, they managet to get where they are, and to earn WORLD RESPECT -- a thing we're lacking more and more daily.
Yes, they are heavily polutet, but that will go away, too, once they achieve the levels they are striving for.

One thing for sure, ethics, poverty, cars, buildings...China has made it looooong way since the early 90's. I have been going back there since 1997, and the difference is...enormous...