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Yes in heavy freeway traffic I simply keep up, which can be well over the 10mph+ limit. In such conditions police aren’t out trapping cars because it’s just too dangerous. But as soon as you get to the next stretch of road where traffic isn’t as heavy police will be looking for fools.

I live in rural Maryland and frequently drive south on route 13, which is a 55mph road but goes through lots of little towns with varying speed limits. People almost ALL drive at 63 in the 55 zones and most are local and know exactly when and where to slow down.

On highways we now have an occasional 65 limit but goes back to 55 near congested interchanges. People who don’t keep up with the speed limit changes easily get ticketed.

Always amuses me to see a NJ, PA or NY tag flying by me (and everyone else) and a few miles down the road - yup, Smokey da Bear put another notch in his cap.

Over the past few years most people have integrated the new speed-limit patterns. Those that don’t should only drive in Montana or Utah ...

I miss the good ol’ days. Never ever will I have a chance to really wind out a big motor. 40i is plenty for me!