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Originally Posted by SECRET M View Post
maybe there's something wrong with my tune then. the car cannot accelerate at a reasonable speed at WOT in 5th or 6th if it rolls through this range unless i feather/back-off the throttle.

in 4th, if i'm cruising in this range and hit WOT, the car judders and stutters forever before finally picking up speed. if i use moderate throttle, it gets through fine.

in 2nd and 3rd, it totally eats sh*t and violently judders it's way through at WOT, but it at least gets through.

it's annoying to me that if i'm in 4th and there's an emergency, that slamming on the gas will actually result in the engine choking up rather than picking up speed.

i've voiced this issue in the past and nobody seems to care.
I am seriously considering the Evo setup. I already have the ESS tune, will only need the upgrade specific for the Evo. I can live with the so called low rpm dip (which I thought the tune took care of that), but what you describe appears to be a more serious issue. Please let us know of any new developments and if this issue gets resolved. Hope it works out for you.