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Originally Posted by E92Snake View Post
This is true, but goals would dictate the routine. Crossfit is cool, P90x is cool also...but if having big arms for the beach is a goal then its just not gonna happen with these routines.

Everyone is diff, I would not see any improvement in my bi or tri if i only did those exercises.

Now this is just my opinion and my observations btw...
Squats= ass/legs
Deads= hams/back
pull ups= back/lats
bench= chest

if I did a couple of sets of curls or dips I would never get a pump , i need about 45mins for bi's and 40 mins for tri's.
Squats: Full body
Deads: Full body
Pull ups: most of upper body
Bench: most of upper body

Also there is some stuff I've read that pushing until failure isn't necessarily optimal... Tim Ferris did some studies and found better results were obtained doing a smaller prescribed amount of work than all the way to dead because of the toll it takes and the extension of recovery time that failure introduces. Just a thought... Now knowing what that Rx'd load is is the hard part