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Originally Posted by fire_mike View Post
If you want massive biceps, you need to work the large muscle groups of your body. You body wants to balance things out. For example, if you do nothing but bicep curls and don't do anything at all for you tri's, shoulders, or back, your biceps will not continue to grow huge. You wouldn't have the supporting muscles to counteract the biceps, so your body won't continue to build them.

I rarely do bi or tri exercises. I do a lot of multi-joint movements including squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, bench press type stuff (bar bench, db bench, pushups, etc.), shoulder presses, etc. I get a good workout to my bi and tri's doing this. Sometimes I will knock out a couple sets of curls or tricep dips at the very end of a workout just to get an extra burn.
This is true, but goals would dictate the routine. Crossfit is cool, P90x is cool also...but if having big arms for the beach is a goal then its just not gonna happen with these routines.

Everyone is diff, I would not see any improvement in my bi or tri if i only did those exercises.

Now this is just my opinion and my observations btw...
Squats= ass/legs
Deads= hams/back
pull ups= back/lats
bench= chest

if I did a couple of sets of curls or dips I would never get a pump , i need about 45mins for bi's and 40 mins for tri's.