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Originally Posted by ecksreturns View Post
I understand now. So either I choose the 25 wall and then go with the fatter tires of 295 or 305. OR I go with 255/30 front and 285/30 back with 20" rims(as is the tried and tested case with many ppl correct?) and have a safe compromise of ride quality,over all balance of the car and no rubbing issues.

Have I got it right this time?
Well, the last time I checked...

The Pirelli NERO's weren't available in 285/30/20. (which is on the tall side anyways) You can use the 305/25/20 I recommended in my first post (almost exactly the same rolling diameter as the stock tires), or go with the slightly smaller 295/25/20 if you want. Either size will work, and there will be no rubbing if you select the P40 wheel offsets I recommended.

Many 20" wheel owners select 245/30/20 in the front wheels if the car is lowered 1" or more. (via lowering springs or coilovers)

Due to industry accepted manufacturing tolerances, there is a slight variation in the fender and inner wheel liner clearances on our cars. (all cars actually) That can cause some light rubbing on full steering lock with the front wheels in some cases. The 255/30/20 will work in most cases, and is a better tire fitment overall for a 20x9 front wheel.

It's your call.
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