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Originally Posted by Quick6EF View Post
You don't need kitchen skills to make meals to meet a proper calorie and macro nutrient intake.

Eat what you please.
Weigh and measure your foods and still aim to hit 500 calories over your maintenance.

FWIW I am slow bulking (.5lbs per week). My stats are 5'9" 161lbs 8%BF.

2600 calories
85g Fat
185g Protein
XXX Carbs

I promise you are not eating enough, plain and simple.

Aim for as a baseline:

.4-1g Fat per LB
1.-1.4g Protein per LBM (not LBS)
The rest fill with carbs or whatever you want.

Use this for calculating your maintenance and macro needs:
Yup Quick is right on. If you have a smart phone get an app that counts calories and fat/carb/protien. I use the app "lose it". Honestly you can eat at Wendy's every meal as long as your macro's are on you are good to go.
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