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If you are really serious about keeping your wines stored properly then it's probably going to cost more in the 400 to 500 range for a good quality dual zone cooler of any decent capacity 32 plus. I have about 65 bottles stored at home in South OC and most are in the area under the stairs where I just pushed the back of the closet out and over, stays cool enough not much in temp changes. If you need storage for collectibles why not rent some space at a local wine storage place, most high end shops have facilities they can reccommend in your area, there are 2 I can think of in OC which cater to the collector, temperature and light controlled etc.. May be cheaper initially and allow your overflow to go there once to take the plunge on home storage. Many of our friends have this scenario, cooler at home for 50 to 60 bottles and a wine locker somewhere for the good(read expensive) and collectible stuff. But some of them have a serious wine collecting habit.