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Originally Posted by MisterSkiMask View Post
I bought a cheap one at best get what you pay for. The thermostat for one of the zones didn't work after a while the the whole thing quit, maybe got two years out of it (not functioning properly the whole time). Also the better quality coolers will be quieter.
that's what i'm afraid of happening.

Originally Posted by bigslick82 View Post
Unfortunately, you're going to have to pay more than $100 for a good one with dual zones and around that capacity. Even if you buy 2 single units or a good dual-zone one, you're looking at least $300-400.

This is very similar to one my father had. It worked well until he got rid of it for a bigger one.
was considering that whynter model, but if I were spending $360, I would much rather spend another $50 and buy the 32 bottle version. I'm hesitant on dropping 300-400 for one though. 32 bottles just doesn't seem worth it. If it were a 40-50 bottle cellar at 400, I'd have a lot less qualms about purchasing it. I want to get as close as I can to the goal of paying less than $10/bottle if possible.

Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
not necessary. just find a nice cool dark place in your house. a basement, closet, darker corner of a room works fine. as long as your homes temp doesn't constantly fluctuate 10 or more degree up and down you don't require a wine fridge.

my neighbors a sommelier and owns a wine store. he has a wine fridge but to only keep his whites in that he likes to keep on hand and not taking up his actual fridges space.

also unless you plan on spending big bucks on wine or collecting vintage wines your also not going to need it. most wines don't require multiple years of storage anymore like they used to.
it's just a hobby but my interest in wine has really picked up lately. i'm taking an advance wine class to prep for master sommelier level 2 test. while i don't plan on spending big bucks on wine in the immediate future, i do want the capability to age some wines for several years. like a couple days ago i bought 4 bottles of a cotes du rhone villages and would like to open 1 bottle every year to compare. i'm still very inexperienced so i don't want to buy equipment out of my scope, but at the same time don't want to buy an inferior product that won't meet my demands.

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no basement