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Wine Cellar (Possibly NWS)

Alright guys, I need some recommendations for a wine cooler. I'm starting to get into wines now and want a cellar to start aging a few bottles.

I really don't know what I'm getting myself into as far as wine coolers go. At first I was just going to buy a $100 unit at target, but wanted to get some input before I make my purchase. Ideally I'm looking for a 20-40 bottle capacity 2 zone wine cooler. I want to get away as cheaply as I can with a good quality machine. It's just with nearly ever model regardless of brand, I always see less than stellar reviews; people always complain about their units breaking down right after the warranty ends. Not sure what my budget should be. And if I should get 2 units vs a single 2 zone unit. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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