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e92 M3 Hex Tune Review

Hey guys and gals,

Recently VF Engineering developed a new tune for our M3s. First off I would like to say thank you to Nik for letting my car be the "Beta". Since I am not very technical it was a real interesting experience for me as I got to learn a lot about what he did and how he developed the tune. I was often able to be present when they were dynoing the car during the testing of the tune and the performance results were exciting, especially because my car had a significant gain to the wheels! Below is a breakdown that Nik forwarded to me regarding the tune along with some of my comments for each that was noticeable to me in bold.

User programmable OBD2 flashing kit “Hex Flash”.
For DIY programming of ECU performance upgrade.
Applications for E9XM3 and E60M5

- Increased horsepower and torque in all power modes – amount varies based on other mods. - There was a noticeable increase in performance low and high end; I feel a lot more pull when I get on the throttle in all RPM ranges

- Sharper throttle response - I can tell a difference in throttle response in both normal and sport mode. I often drive in normal mode because it feels so raw with a bit more response when I step on it. With power mode on and in sport mode its even more sensitive than before as well.

- Enhanced air/fuel calibration

- Enhanced vanos calibration

- Enhanced torque management

- Removed speed limiter - not sure I'll ever use this buy its nice to know there's no limits on top end speed!

- RPM limiter raised by 200 rpm (by request) - If 8,300 isn't enough for you, now you can go to 8,500! I don't push max RPMs often but when I do I've got 200 more than I did before

- Cold start quiet mode (by request) - I like the cold start sound so I did not go for this

- Compatible with all exhaust combinations

- Update to newest stock OEM 231E software

- Return to stock software

- Read and clear error codes - its nice not having my control panel lit up light a christmas tree

- Compatible with worldwide models

**Here is the link to the tune which is offered through EAS:

Overall the tune has increased my driving experience in this car in a positive way. Over time I started to feel like the car was a bit sluggish and had started exploring various options to increased performance. Now that I have the tune I'm really happy with how the car performs and increasing performance beyond where it is now is not in the forefront of my mind like it was before. This car is so powerful and fun to drive and now feels more responsive than ever before. For less than $1,000 it sure is a nice upgrade! Good luck with what you choose to do and I'll see you all on the road!