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Originally Posted by Legion5 View Post
The cheap, and lazy break in procedure is what BMW suggests, and it's a terrible way to break in an engine. The only goals of BMW's break in procedure are to minimize risk and effort, it's not good for the car, it's just doing the minimum not to damage it. It's actually seriously ridiculous to go out of your way to adhere to the recommended procedure. Compared to the ideal procedure you will reduce power and life, and the best possible result is that you will avoid catastrophic damage to your car which most people do a good job of doing no matter what, and by spending all that effort you will actually negate the whole point of the BMW procedure which is for is to be lazy, meaning trying to go out of your way adhere to BMW's procedure is a prime example of wasting your time. If you're going to go out of your way use the procedure that racing teams use, those actually have a benefit.
Do you actually believe that crap? You should educate yourself before spewing crap like that as fact.

Do you realize a racing engine's purpose is the complete opposite of a street engine ? It's designed to run flat out and last for a few races, so you break it in for maximum power, not longevity. A street engine like the S65 should last 100K miles, not 1K. As a side comment, most of these outrageous comments come from folks who don't even own an M3 .