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ground control aligment issues

Ive been racking by brain trying to understand the reason why my car handles the way it does after my ground control kit was installed. After the installation i went for a drive and it pulled right hard. of course i knew i was in need of a alignment so the next day i called Weber wheel alignment for a appointment. I had the alignment done the next day and they did the best they could to get it aligned. The rear aligned fine but the front was a different story. this is how they explained the problem to me and it is evident from the way the car drives. "The car does not track straight and pulls right and left, (which is true). Whenever i make a right turn, the car will pull right after returned to center to travel straight. whenever i make a left turn the car will pull left after returning to center. Here is what i dont understand. They explained that it is doing this because of a bearing binding and not allowing it to get turned back to center. I dont understand this at all so i called ground control and explained the situation. They also didnt think that was the issue but an issue with the alignment itself. But, why would it drift right and left!? its as if the car wonders on the road, sometimes worse than others and sometimes very profoundly. It is very unpredictable and enoying. i tried tightenting the strut nut and the camber plate thinking that it was loose but that didnt help. I went for another alignment at a different place and the exact same thing accured. So, im at a loss and could use some advice or direction to take. Could it be the tires? I did buy wheels and tires and put them on at the same time and the tires are worn in the front however i would have never expected it to be so irratic. pleas help!