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Originally Posted by Stronghammer View Post
Congrats. I wanted to vomit after my hotlap with Donnie. Next time I am taking Dramamine beforehand

You most certainly are not the only one to have a Dramamine plan for the next time.

Originally Posted by the infamous... View Post
nice combo, congrats! n great read too. thx 4 sharin
I'm delighted that you enjoyed it.

Originally Posted by Park2670 View Post
I have been to the PCD twice. Loved every minute. I still think that would be the perfect job. Does BMW want to hire me?
That is what they all say about their jobs at the Performance Center. Lucky dogs.

Originally Posted by Shane550X View Post
Does this pick up plan cost more money, and does it give you a discount on the car?

My fathers 05 545i just died and we are looking to get a new 550iXdrive.
1. There is no charge for Performance Center Delivery. However, there will be some additional cost that is directly related to the driving distance from Spartanburg, SC to wherever you are taking the car after delivery.

2. There is no discount a la the European Delivery discount. The PCD is merely a pickup location alternative to dealership pickup, but with the unique opportunity to get a feel for your new car driving one of the PC's cars that's an identical model to your new car.

Originally Posted by Midwest X6 View Post

I'm partial to Jerez on Bamboo too

I put Performance Carbon Fiber interior trim in...check it out in the interior mods section - if you want to see what Bamboo and CF look like.

Enjoy the car!

Another Jerez+Bamboo M3.

Originally Posted by mouivann View Post
Great write up. Congrats.
x 2

Originally Posted by Nang Vann View Post
Very well written!

Congrats on your new car, I really love the interior
I appreciate your comments.

Originally Posted by b33g33 View Post
Congrats. Takes me back.

PCD is such an amazing experience that it may honestly justify buying a BMW over another premium brand.

I love how well organize the whole process is as well.

Agreed on the value of the experience. What other premium brand offers such to its North American customers?

And I echo your sentiment about the PC's level of organization.

Originally Posted by JA///MES View Post
I wish I would have done this! Let the modding begin!!!! Woo hoo!
Try it next time. You will thank yourself again and again for making that choice.

Originally Posted by DrivenByE30 View Post
congrats !!! this is one of those experience where, no matter how much time you spend, it will never be enough right !?!

Thanks for sharing your experience !!

What an awesome looking car, hopefully one day i can also sit in a brand new M3 !

Enjoy yours!
You are correct, in my opinion. The day seems to fly by as there is virtually no downtime between activities, and by the end one may feel a little torn between wishing the experience would continue even as the desire to leave the wonderful place to experience the new car in its natural habitat tends to grow and grow by the hour.

You are welcome and I thank you for your commments.

I hope you make your brand new M3 wish a reality!

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Great post, man. Congrats!

Originally Posted by johnca View Post
Congrats !!

Originally Posted by doug_999 View Post
Very nice writeup!

I do wish they would give you a car to drive like the one you were picking up (i.e. you should have been given a 6-speed M3 and I bet the X5 owners were given X5Ms).

But other than that, it is an amazing experience. PS - beautiful car.

It would have been ideal to have a same tranny model, but the upside was the opportunity do experience the M3 DCT and on a road course too. If anything, that experience confirmed to me that going with the manual was the right choice for me.

Originally Posted by JonNYC View Post
Fantastic write-up-- really "captures" the experience. I would though strenuously disagree with the guy that said PCD is "better" than Euro Delivery. I did both this year-- ED of a M3 Cabrio in Jan (also Jerez/Bamboo) and then PCD in March. And although I'd agree with any and all recommendations to do PCD of a new BMW-- to me-- it's nothing even remotely comparable to Euro Delivery-- which was an adventure of a lifetime that I can hardly wait to again!

PCD gives you something you could always get for some cash-- a chance to drive and get instructed at BMWs facilities in their BMWs. Euro Delivery, OTOH, gives you the chance to drive your M3 at M3 speeds on incredible roads-- designed for those speeds-- with incredible scenery more safely than you'll ever be able to do otherwise.

Fortunately, one can do both, so the comparison is moot.
Thank you, Jon.

In fairness to the gentleman that made the comment about ED-PCD, he had found the one month wait to again drive his car after driving it in Europe a painful experience; hence his comment about driving it home and thereby avoiding the agony of "withdrawal".

Both options do make it enticing for one to buy two BMWs in order to savor both experiences. They don't make it easy, do they?

Originally Posted by IS350 View Post
Wonderful write up and pics!
I got an IOU BMW 101 for lease of my M3, looking forward to cashing it in soon.
Do you recommend the car overview?

The car overview is essentially a tutorial and set up session. It may save you varying amounts of time dependent upon your level of familiarity with the car's iDrive. In my opinion, even as one that had already the owner's manual prior to taking delivery of the car, I found it beneficial and worthwhile.

Originally Posted by monkawekrue View Post
awesome write up. congrats.

Originally Posted by Lay-Z M3 View Post
Awesome - lovely colour combo! My E90 was Jerez with Bamboo, so I am partial to this

So BMW Canada - take note! Not only do you charge $11k+ more for the same 'base' car, but you dont give the same 7% break for Euro delivery or even the option to collect the car from the US at this wonderful delivery facility!

Sort it out and soon - Canadians should not have to put up with this shit!
You have impeccable taste for an M3 color combo, Laz-Z-M3.

I'll wish you and all north of the border "good luck" so that BMW Canada becomes part of the program.

Originally Posted by Diver View Post
Nice post! Awesome car.

Originally Posted by FatRear08 View Post
Unbelievable write up. So detailed I felt like I was there(I wish). Congrats and the car is beautiful!!
Someday you may well be there. I hope so.

Thank you for your comments.

Originally Posted by M Lover View Post
Everyone pretty much summed it up. Great write up and photos.
M Lover

Originally Posted by K3 Projekt Wheels View Post
^^What they all said^^ Congrats!