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Originally Posted by templarklimek View Post
Aren't the Boss 302's hard to get? Dealer rape. To the point where a GT500 might be a better buy? 550hp, ouch.
I would not want to pay extra for a Boss, part of the equation for me is the value price/performance and if I could just about trade in my M3 for close to the same price.

I don't want anything to do with mark-ups or dealer adjustments.

I was considering the GTR back in 08 but no dealer would take less than $90K.

I am not sure if the Boss wil be a limited edition or more of a Z06 type with the limit only due to how many they can sell.

I am not interested in the GT500 either, I value light weight and NA engines more than high power/TQ. I drove a McLaren SLR which is a beast engine bar few. And it was really a panic just to try to keep the power under control, I didn't like it one bit.