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Full detail and 7 hours later

Did a full detail yesterday in about 7 hours...results were not perfect, but overall I'm pleased.

Wash - 2 bucket system...Chemical Guys Mr Pink soap with Torq Foam Cannon

Wheels - Chemical Guys Diablo Wheel gel with Chemical Guys Wheel Whoolies

Using the Griot's Garage 6" orbital for below...

Paint decontaminate - Nanoskin Autoscrub Fine Grade with Nanoskin Glide and Nanoskin Fine grade sponge in tight areas

Compound - Meguiars M105 with Chemical Guys Hex Logic Orange pad

Polish - Meguiars M205 with Chemical Guys Hex Logic White pad

Glaze - Chemical Guys EZ Crème Glaze with Chemical Guys Hex Logic Blue Pad

Paint Sealant - Jescar (Mezerna) Power Lock Plus Polymer Sealant with Chemical Guys Black Pad

Wax - Chemical Guys Butter wax with Chemical Guys Red pad

Quick detail - Chemical Guys Hybrid V7 Optical High Gloss Spray Sealant/Quick Detailer

I've got OEM ZCP's to install in the next few weeks. Going to apply Chemical Guys Wheel Wax before they go on.

The SSII Metallic paint really does shine!