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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
Treading a thin line here... I wouldn't really call the military's salary/benefits a "handout," since some of them do happen to give the ultimate sacrifice. Sure, they volunteered for it, but I think it's a bit of a stretch to compare their salary to a welfare program
First of all, he's now a government contractor, that's what our taxes pay for. And I never referred to his job (or military service) as a handout, or welfare, nor would I ever say that. I only said that our taxes pay for it.

Why do conservatives assume that any discussion of tax usage must be referring to "handouts" and "welfare"? Our taxes pay for national defense, infrastructure, and the operation of our government.
Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
What most liberals fail to recognize including you, is that one cannot have a conversation about taxes without having a conversation about spending.
Yes one can, but I've given up trying, because all you want to do is spew conservative platitudes. Most of what you say about spending is true, yes we spend too much, we need to reign it in, we're going bankrupt, blah blah blah. We all know this, but that's another conversation.

But I particularly like how all of you ignore that our revenues have been down due to the recession, and assume that they'll always be this way, even when unemployment is at 5%.
Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
Typical liberal, when all else fails, let's start the name calling and mud slinging.
I'm just giving back what was doled-out to me, but I guess you didn't read that part. And who says "all else failed"? I haven't failed, but I'm not going to be called a dick and just take it. Try reigning in your compatriots there, m-kay?
Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
Do me a favor let me know when you get to the point of retirement and you are counting on your government pay-out and it's not there, okay?
It would be there if we had a graduated tax that didn't stop graduating at some arbitrary, politically determined income level.

It's funny, you'll pay high property tax for your big houses, pay high sales tax for your cars, and generally pay more for everything, from suits to vacations. But god forbid if you get progressively taxed on your income like everyone else. Really, I should be the one complaining around here. I make too much to get any assistance whatsoever for my kids' colleges, but I'm expected to shell-out hefty federal, state, and property taxes, which eats up most of my non-essential income. If I had some extra income, I sure wouldn't be complaining.