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Originally Posted by OldArmy View Post
My effective tax rate this time came down to about 16%, and that was only possible with the help of mortgage interest deduction (never pay down that house!).

And the total income tax I actually paid was more than roughly half of all workers in the country. And in round terms, pretty much enough cash to support two lower middle-class families for a year. The American taxpayer is carrying a heavy load in his backpack.

Don't need more revenue, need less spending.
Heartwarming, but irrelevant. Seems like no one will answer the question about a graduated tax system, so I'll go ahead and draw my own conclusion.

You won't answer because it would be hypocritical - you believe in graduated taxes for lower and middle incomes, but not for higher incomes. So it's OK for low & middle income people to shell-out every non-essential penny in taxes, but upper income people can enjoy most of their income tax-free. Is that about right?