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Originally Posted by ///M3Fresh View Post
I agree.

OP regardless of what the shop tells you, its simple, the car was under their care. If it was truly stripped they would have stopped. Not cleaned or went any further, started documenting and taking pics as any legit shop would. But somewhere between taking it off initially, reinstalling to check clearances with a plastigauge and calling you there is too many things missing that someone that isnt at fault would have ready to show.
Didn't the OP say this is exactly what the shop did -- stopped, called him, didn't go further? Look at the OP's comments about rod #8...lube still on the bolts because they stopped, called him, and didn't go any further.

Out of curiosity, what are the too many things missing that you mention? I'm not saying they weren't missing...but I don't think any of us know what you mean without an explanation.

Edit: As a shop you are offering a service, if you cant or dont have the know how of doing the work you simply dont do it. In this case the shop took on the work and should be the ones to make you whole. But instead they're beating around the bush.
Let's say the shop pulls off the bottom end, sees the crank damaged beyond repair, calls the OP to tell him. According to the above comment, the shop is now responsible for rebuilding the engine. That's simply not reasonable.
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