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Originally Posted by TonM3 View Post
I think you may be taking things a little too far, almost every german car has fake leather as standard.
Would you pass on a BMW 340 because it does not actually have a 4 liter engine or a Taycan Turbo because it doesn't actually have a turbo?

Like I said before I have lots of real Swiss and lots of fake watches, I like them all as much as I like my BMW M car
The 340i isn't claiming to have a 4 liter engine. BMW did away with tying displacement to badging a long time back... Turbo is more of a branding with the Taycan, even though I'm not a fan of that.

I know they have fake leather as standard. I don't care what base models come with... I care about what the one I want comes with.

I wouldn't call an M sport an actual M car, but that's me.
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I hate when my d*ck flies out of my pants under hard braking, so I think the seats are great.