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I don't get it. What's the point of wearing a fake?

Yes, I have a Rolex. My wife got it for me as a combination "Ten-year anniversary/50th birthday/Captain's upgrade" present-- so it has a lot of personal meaning to me. Not because it's a Rolex, but because she cared enough about me to spend (literally) years saving, planning and figuring out which one I'd like to present me with something at a momentous time in my life. I'll treasure for as long as I'm above room temperature.

I don't wear it for the "Look at me" value-- I wear it because it represents how much I mean to her.

And, I wear it on an Everest strap, so it *doesn't* look like a Rolex unless you're really paying close attention.

I guess I look at wearing a fake like putting a Ferrari sticker on a Honda-- you can, but where's the value and what's the point?
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