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Originally Posted by Flacht3 View Post
I don't agree with this type of mentality at all but to each their own.

Personally I don't think anyone that truly appreciates watches AND has the means to afford them would feel enjoyment from having a fake one on their wrist, even if they're fed up with the long waiting lists.
I have a collection of nice watches, including Rolex's, Breitlings and Omegas, but I also have a few knockoffs that I really like wearing, sometimes so much I will buy the genuine one or wont care if it is fake.

While I love Rolexs, (my first nice watch was an old Pepsi GMT) and I have had maybe a half dozen since then, I hate their marketing. It is so difficult to buy a Rolex sports watch new that every time I walk into a dealer and they don't even have one on display, I get more and more pissed off and hope that fakes destroy their company.

Omega is heading the same way, but I will never not have a Seamaster.
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