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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
First of all, it isn't at all pointless to drive around in the same gear all the time - on a cross-country trip, for instance. Or just cruising.

Secondly, pretty much everyone ought to be able to understand the joys of downshifting the M3 and the resultant yank of horsepower and orchestral nirvana.

But why would anyone be confused by the joy of low-end and mid-range punch?

Give it ten seconds of thought. You're out on the supserslab in traffic at speed, and you want to lunge and pounce into a more or less fleeting hole up ahead in the next lane. Rather than waste the second or so it takes you to downshift and gun it, wouldn't just stabbing it in gear and getting a big lunge be better?

Think 135i with JB3. No drama or even fuss. Whoosh you're there.

Simple, no?

no. lol

i have no issue doing that on the highway at all. in fact downshift and punch it allow you to go much faster and merging in/out is a breeze.

i mean if you just want to go faster than someone to merge in/out, might as well buy a full auto like amg. there is no point to buy an mt but not using it the way it should be.