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Is this thing on?
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Originally Posted by 330CIZHP View Post
The experience will never ever be as exciting or sound as good as this. Part F1 car and part muscle car. It is not all about acceleration numbers, this is what driving a performance car is all about. The experience. Period.
I'm going up for a test drive on the 12th - M3, 335i, and 135. I fully expect to like the M3 the best, but am trying to keep an open mind in case I can't get utility out of the extra cost as a daily driver.

My not so open mind was leaning toward the convertible, as I live along the Italian coast. But it seems like almost a waste of talent to not get a car I could take to the track when I get back stateside in a couple of years - though I've never tracked a car. When does BMW come out with the two for one deal?

Sorry to go off my own topic.