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Originally Posted by drivendriver View Post
My main gripe with the 135 was the suspension: I find it a little too soft. In particular, I think there's too much squat on acceleration. (...) My advice: if you have always dreamed of having an M3 and can afford one, then get it. You only live once.

I was originally dead-set on buying a 135i, had all the options selected and everything. But in the end, I would have had to modify lots of things to bring it to my ideal spec (entire suspension including M3 control arms, LSD, wheels, tires, engine, exhaust, etc.). That would have brought the total cost within spitting distance of an M3 sedan with few options, so I went the M3 route in the end.

I ran a 335i for 2 years and I loved that engine. But the cost to modify it or a 135i properly is just too much. If BMW had offered a 135i supersport with all the correct suspension/drivetrain bits, I would have bought that in a heartbeat.

But since they don't, I find the M3 a much more exciting and complete automobile.