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I bought a 135 at the end of March. I kept it 6 weeks and then ordered an M3.

There \were many things I loved about the 135: the engine is exceptionally smooth, the bottom end torque is very nice for city driving. Also, the car is very nimble, very responsive, and it has outstanding steering feel. The 135 actually reminded me of my Miata, which is a great compliment considering that the 135 is much heavier. My main gripe with the 135 was the suspension: I find it a little too soft. In particular, I think there's too much squat on acceleration. But that can be easily fixed.

So why did I get an M3? First, DCT was a big factor. I have developed a problem with my left leg that makes activating the clutch painful after a little while. I wanted a car without a clutch pedal, but not an automatic. DCT seemed like the perfect solution, and I have to say I love it. Second, I like the electronic gadgets in the M3, especially M-drive and the adjustable suspension. Third, while the 135's engine is exceptionally smooth, sometimes it feels a bit lazy. It doesn't quite have the responsiveness of a high-revving, naturally aspirated engine. Finally, the M3 was also one of my dream cars. I bought the 135 to be "reasonable", but everytime I saw an M3, I still had M3-envy.

If BMW had offered a 135 with DCT, I would probably have kept it and bought the BMW Performance suspension. But now that I have the M3, I have no regret.

My advice: if you have always dreamed of having an M3 and can afford one, then get it. You only live once.