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Originally Posted by Zugzwang View Post
Last feb. Around the last week if feb actually. We got a snowstorm and cold weatger. Snow till march. I tell you by all i hold holy that snow and freezing temps in Vancouver is kinda unheard of.

Why don't you look up the weather in the midwest. I wouldnt be surprised if it is colder than seasonal.
I am going to go out on a limb and suggest you are under 30 years of age? I mean no disrespect, and will agree with you that long bouts of freezing weather here is It still happens at least once per winter though.

I grew up out Surrey/Whiterock in the early 80ís and I remember very fondly playing hockey on frozen flooded farm fields every winter, shoveling snow off the street to play hockey, and walking to school on frozen ditches.

I live at higher elevations on the North Shore now, and we get snow 2-3 times a winter for a couple days to 2 weeks at a time now. That said, if you live downtown or Richmond area, I donít doubt the lack of winter. Downtown is a good 3-4 degrees C warmer due to all the concrete and being on the water at sea level..

We have always had snow and cold weather. Nothingís changed.