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Originally Posted by klammer View Post
You won't notice anything other than aesthetics, not that theres anything wrong with that
Not at all great looking wheel
Originally Posted by Endless619 View Post
I daily drive my M3 with 18 inch original TE37s and I like the design. Although if Volk had the SE37, that would be my first choice. CE28s is another option. All 3 types are great wheels.

I wanted a certain look for the car for my tastes and went with it.

I think there are a couple owners on the forum selling them for great prices used/new. Nothing wrong with OEM wheels either if thats what you like as well. Silver/polish is so so for me.
OEM wheel don't look bad but it's so average. Going to be wheel shopping for a while. Don't wanna go through 4 sets of wheels in a matter less than 2 years like my last car.
Originally Posted by thorny View Post
There is nothing wrong with having more rubber on the road in daily driving which TE37s allow. Other than grip, I doubt you'll feel any difference in performance. I bought mine mostly for track, but I rock them on the street any day.
Seem's like TE37 is the track wheel of choice for us M owners. 3series/1series guys seem to prefer APEX.

Originally Posted by kaiv View Post
Get them used from a reputable seller and save some $ /shameless plug
Believe me i had to stop myself from hitting you up, just to think it through a lil longer.

Originally Posted by Caspita View Post
Love my mag blue te37sl's, but as you mentioned they are my track setup. If you like the design and look of them you can't go wrong wit the quality and craftsmanship behind the brand, Also if you're not opposed to buying used, you can find the on the forum for around $3,200 with tires. Good luck with your decision.
Used is probably the way i'll go unless i decide on a special color such as mag/red/bronze.

Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
Agreed! I only track maybe twice a year, so I bought mine mostly for looks as well.
Hope to see it in person one day at a local meet. Your car is makes me

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