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UPDATE 02/11/10


1.) P/S went out. (at the precise moment I enter a parking garage in the daytime with the lights set to auto mode and they engage)

2.) Dealership replaces Power Steering ECU

3.) 2 Weeks later I start the car before leaving work (with lights set to auto mode) and as soon as I touch the steering wheel it begins to shake rapidly as if possessed. (SEE VIDEO in post #8)

4.) Give dealership the video with the car they try to replicate the problem. Two weeks later after failing to re-create the problem, corporate tells them to replace the steering rack assembly just as they did 6 months earlier for the TSIB because they simply do not have any idea what caused the steering wheel to shake.


After doing some research here on CL, I've found and talked to a couple other members who have had the same problems, and both of which also had aftermarket HID systems.

Member #1
This member had their ECU "go out" (as mine did) and actually had their dealership in Florida conclude that his HID Ballast was mounted too close to the power steering ECU, and thus "fried" his P/S ECU.

Member #2
This member had their steering wheel violently shake (as mine did) when they started the car at night with the lights set to auto mode.

It's been almost two months since I got my car back and I have had no P/S issues.
However I have not set the lights to Auto mode since, and though I can't prove it, I truly believe that sometimes when the auto lights go on, the ballast freaks out the system OR vise versa.

I personally followed Muzzman1'S write-up about how to install and HID kit, and if you check out that thread, you can see where I mounted each ballast.

I plan to relocate both ballasts in the spring by extending the wires to keep both of them as far away from any ECU or Fuse box type devices as possible.
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