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Originally Posted by djdomenick View Post
They took my order weeks ago and its still at 047.. it sux because I ordered it early just to try to get into the limited allocation of the DCT for March-May.
Meanwhile there are people in other parts of the country who ordered later and got immediate allocation from their dealer. My dealer has ONE m3 at 150 so far (but thats a 6MT), and im the second one in line waiting for DCT
Some dealers want to take as many deposits and pre-orders from people as they can, which is fine, but they don't always let people know how long it would actually take you to get the car. I was at a dealer who was aggressively trying to get me to put down a deposit although they had 15+ person waiting list. He kept on telling me he could put my order into the system and that I would "most likely" get the car in March, and I kept on telling him I didn't see how that could possibly happen unless 13+ people dropped out or something. I moved on to another dealer...