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Originally Posted by thai357sig View Post
Yeah, tire pressure all remain at 35 psi. Summer temps are 70s in eve and 90s during day. Fall and spring it's 40s at night and 60s during day for the times the PSSs where running. My Contis temps run from 30s at night to 50 during day.

I bought my set from Tire Rack in spring of 2011 when they first came out. I was planning on replacing my second used set of summer PS2s then, but I was able to stretch out the PS2 use until winter came. So I didn't need to replace my summer tires until this past spring.

Anyone one knows the warranty on these tires? It still has 80 percent treads left. has details on your warranty

However it will be very difficult to prove to them that the tires have less grip than they should. there are too many variables and your subjective feedback will likely not be sufficient. you could maybe appeal to Michelin customer service to try to get you a replacement set.
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