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Un impressed with my PSS

Well, I have had my new PSS on since late March. I took off my DWS Ext Conti all weather and put on my second set of rims with newly installed PSS. In the first moments of driving I found the them to be greasy. I posted here and people told me to expect it for 1000 miles or so. I expected this with the new tires and residual releasing compounds of having just come out of its mold.

After at whole summer of driving it has never improved. The back slips and slides during moderate and heavy sharp turns.

In November I went back to my winter setup with the DWSs and the Change is quite noticeable. The Contis even it is al

l weather, sticks better than the PSSs.

I have owned this car since it was new, and it came with PS2s, that set had crazy amount of grip, at all times in any situation during summer driving. My second summer sets were also PS2s, and they performed the same as the first set. Now on my third summer set with PSSs and I am disappointed. This is after a summer of driving on a brand new set of four tires. My three-year old DWS winter set is out performing my PSS! What the Hell?

I can't wait to get rid of these and go back to PS2s or PS3s.
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