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Originally Posted by dagolfpro View Post
I know there has been threads/polls on if you should buy it or not. Well, I'm glad I did. I had a flat last Monday and had BMW replace the tire. 105 miles later, I get another flat, SAME freakin tire. Now, the claims dept cops an attitude and wants to send an inspector out which can take upto 48 hours. WTF, the nail is still in the tire and they don't believe my SA.

I called them back and asked them to reconsider. Now I'm waiting in the lounge for an answer while I'm typing this.

Anyone else have issues with BMW Claimes dept?

I guess I could have just gone to a tire repair shop and patched it up, but I didn't think claims would make such a big deal out of this.

OK, I'm done venting now. I just hope they approve it so I don't have to pay for a rental car and lose another day on this.

I hope everyone out there is having a better day than I am.

It's your service dept that sucks. Mine replaced three in a 4 month span on the 335i.