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e90post member here to confess my sins

I just finished a SCCA PDX at Mid-Ohio with my 09 335 xDrive. Sad to say she's hurtin'. Got the limp mode that everyone's talking about on almost every 20min session plus some diff issues. I have a Cobb AP which probably made the problem worse.

I need to get back on the track and would love to do club racing but I'm not loaded and I have enough self respect to stay out of a Miata. Does anyone have any experience with easing into club racing? I've been doing autox for a while and it's fun but only 8min of it followed by 7hrs of sunburn.

You obviously need a dedicated track car for GTS / IT. I was thinking about using an M3 as a DD for a while and making it a track car one piece at a time. Thoughts? Talk me out of it? Did my wife send you?