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Originally Posted by karussell View Post
Of course if a student insists on DSC enabled at the track I allow it. then I turn it off on them in the middle of their bad lap. guess what happens. they slow down, they hit apexes, they see reference points, they look up, they drive better!!! DSC is not a magic button.
Originally Posted by karussell View Post
you are taking out of context here. if i'm working with a student we first need to establish trust. i trust this person with my life in their hands. I'm the passenger after all. the student trusts me to guide them to accomplish their goals. in the context of a race track that is to be consistent and accurate. end result is faster laps, better driver.

i said in a middle of a BAD lap. The student always gets to choose whatever settings they want on the car. now if he/she is consistently over-driving the car and its clear they are dependent on DSC, i would communicate with them that fact and turn off DSC on the front straight.

I am also interested in not crashing. trust me. i do care about the car's condition but far far more important its my student's life as well as mine. so i'm sure if i rode with you in the same condition you wouldn't kick me out of the car. if you were that close minded about it i would have asked to get out way before that anyways.
Re-read your original quote above. You clearly state that you would just up and turn it off in the middle of a lap, no comments about communicating that to the driver. Thats what I am responding to.

And as I said in my quote, i would hope that you would never do that, and it sounds like you dont.

I drive on the track with MDM on for now as I am still a relative beginner / intermediate on the track, and feel that it is unsafe at this point to be on a crowded track with DSC off for both myself and other drivers. Once I continue to learn to be smoother and drive with limited to zero MDM interference on the track, hopefully after the next couple events, I will experiment with all modes off while slowly gaining confidence driving with no traction control.

I personally would never drive with MDM off on a public road with other drivers. It is unneccessarily unsafe.