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Originally Posted by karussell View Post
aggressive or sporting? its a sports car. everyone enjoys their cars in their own way. for the people that love to drive the car, i encourage DSC to be off. mainly its so you gain more confidence in yourself and the car. i don't condone street racing or any foolish acts on public roads. And if i'm taking the M3 anywhere its usually going to be the longer route that is more fun.

You could reverse the question as well. why do you feel you need the "security" of DSC On if you are just going to the grocery store?
Call it what you will but I think most people would agree that driving the car hard enough to break the tires lose on public roads would be considered aggressive.

And for your question of needing the "security" - well to me its just a senseless "risk" to turn it off if I am driving on local roads. I never have DSC interference in my daily driving so what benefit would I get from turning it off besides possibly being less safe? Its like saying why should I lock my house if I am just walking around the block? Sure the odds are that no one will break into your home but why take an unnecessary risk for no reason?

BTW I fully understand I will never convince you or anyone else who insists on driving on public roads with DSC off that its not a good idea and you will do it no matter what. The logical argument just doesnt support your position.