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I got

Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Customer (me) specifically custom-ordered an Individual 2012 E92 M3 without BMW Apps, or Sat Radio just because I was going to get anyways a coding package from BimmerTech (BMW Apps, iPod Out, BMW Live, Internet, Sat Radio, DVD In Motion). Then BMW decided to make BMW Apps activated by BMW-only supplied enabling codes just after my car delivery.

No longer BimmerTech was able to code BMW Apps. Or so it seems.

Today BimmerTech has done it again: the first FSC-enabled BMW Apps retrofit.

Remote coding:

BMW Apps:

Web Radio:



iPod Out and Video:

BMW Live:

Google Search:



Sirius Radio:


- this coding was performed remotely using the regular/eBay OBDII coding cable by BimmerTech. No special cable or OPS head required.
- BMW Live is not currently available in the USA, it is an Euro feature. However, it can be used and it is fully functional in the USA if it is setup for England (UK) as its country -go figure.
- BMW Live and BMW Internet requires a Bluetooth-tethering-capable (Hotspot) smartphone to connect to the Internet.
- BMW Assist remains functional with BMW Live via the roof console button; the iDrive display Assist functions are no longer functional. Therefore MyInfo (Google Send-To-Car) will no longer be functional if BMW Live is enabled as the "Messages" function will disappear once BMW Live is coded.
- Sirius FSC includes one year of service
- integrated iPod Out eliminates the need of a baseplate and iPhone cradles. So when the iPhone 5 shows up it will not require a replacement cradle ($200) and throwing away the iPhone 4 cradle.

With this coding package (30 minutes or so of labor) the iDrive becomes a much better and comprehensive in-car entertainment and Navigation system. Just BMW Apps (Web Radio and Pandora) makes Sirius radio virtually obsolete, both in selection of stations and absolutely in sound quality (up to 128kps AAC encoding in Web Radio vs 48kps in some Sirius stations).

Please contact BimmerTech for the exact details for your car if interested in a package like this.
I got about half of this to work. I cannot seem to find the Google part