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Day 6: Porsche

We again woke up in the wee-small hours of the morning to take the train to Stuttgart to visit the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz Museums. The 2.5 hour long train was uneventful and gave us some wonderful views of the Germany Countryside. Upon arriving in Sttutgart, we took the S-Bahn to “Neuwirtshaus”, and got our first view of the Porsche Museum. The architecture is of course stunning, and the early hour at which we arrived meant that everything was quiet and relatively empty. Once inside we went through the museum and I must say I left feeling let down. Not to say that the Museum wasn't interesting, which it was, just like there wasn't enough. I would later feel the opposite about both the BMW and Mercedes-Benz Museums. There were of course some amazing examples of Porsche Engineering on display, and some interesting models and concepts. Overall however, if I had to choose between the Porsche Museum and the Mercedes one, I'd choose Mercedes.

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