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Originally Posted by 1BMW4fun View Post
To OP, I came accross a few of your threads and they are quite assuming. You live in Taiwan, assuming in Taipie. What does it matter whether you have an M3/C63/911 for DD when it comes to handling or gear box. You can't even go pass 25 in the city and even 60 on main highway.
^This. I lived in Taiwan for a few months around the Taipei and Kaohsiung and I honestly don't remember much long stretches of roads where you can flat out accelerate for a long period before hitting a red light (besides the hwy but the police are gonna be behind you pretty fast..). Plus with the amount of motorists there, its actually quite a hazard anyway. If all you care about is speed and daily driving, keep the C63. The M3 is a bit weak in terms of acceleration (flame on xD). The Ferrari might have better feel, but in Taiwan, I'd be concerned about people keying your car or stealing parts. Happened to my dads Ducati over there. Ended up considering it a loss and switched to a yamaha moped . People love messing with exotics. If your really wanting to trade though, the M3 is a perfectly fine choice. Get a chip while your at it to up your power too. Might even be a little safer compared to the C63 due to the sharper handling, dodge mad motorists better (not being racist, I'm Taiwanese also )