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Wow I didnt think the GTR had such a rough ride and had adjustable suspension. I know 911 have some harsh rides as well so the GTR must be really bad. Great choices in cars though. GT3's are fantastic and I see a few here and there in socal
If I could I would get teh GT3-RS for the fun car jus because it comes with its own scaffolding in the back in case you have a painting project going on...or is that for the car?

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Yeah, the GT3 was expensive although their discounting them by 5-6% and not charging gas guzzler and delivery taxes and fees. Still, it's not a car where you can factor in price/performance because, like most others, the GT3 loses out to the GTR. It was the combination of emotional/fun/feel/thrilling drive that eventually got to me.

The GTR was fun but it was just way too stiff to use daily. The ride was harsh with a bite that was just a bit too much for me especially in NYC. When the road cleared and you have a passenger, mashing the gas and hearing all the expletives come out is fun but for me, I just needed more involvement. I'm not a DSG, MDCT, PDK guy. The GTR was also very big. I live near the NY/CT border and have access to plenty of tight and twisty roads but the car was just too big to have fun. Most of the fun came from punching the throttle and being IN a GTR. The rest was kind of dull. So in the end, I didn't commute in it and I didn't take it out for joy rides. I have my beautiful AW M3 as my going out/commuter car so I decided to just let her go and find my fun car, the GT3
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