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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Much of the point of AWD is indeed to make the car more dummy proof and easier to drive. The Evo and GT-R share a similarly advanced AWD system. Sure the GT-R is a bit more sophisticated but the Evo is a darn sophisticated system itself. To call them totally in a different league is simply incorrect. The cars yes, their respective AWD systems, no.

r u kidding.....

the Evo 8 and 9 systems are FWD systems........ then add to the rear.. with very Limited change.... they are junk....

as the GTR systems in the past can easily go full RWD and do during normal driving... as the R35 is 98 rear 2% front.....

an STi awd system is way more closer to a GTR then a Evo in driving FEEL and MECHANICS because of its rear wheel biased setup and driver controllable configurations...

not this
"sno" (mostly fwd)
"graval" (kinda fwd)..... and
"tarmac" (ok here u go rear)


and comparing a R34 system of 2000 and a EVO system from the year 2000.... they are in totally dif leagues.... as well as the new systems in their cars of today