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Originally Posted by rstringer View Post
I understand that this might launch another juvenile flame war, but nevertheless I need to ask the question.

Most M3 reviews confirm that the steering has lost some precision and the connectivity to the road compared to the previous model has been somewhat reduced. When I test drove the 335 with a sport suspension I felt that steering was heavy though. Can someone , preferrably someone who has test driven both , comment about thow the steering compares in both cars?

To give you a direct answer this is from one of my old posts back in Nov.

".....I had I had four (4) different test drives and in the last one I spent with this car a whole afternoon alone (no sales guy with me) driving around "spirited" and changing the "M" settings frequently to feel the differences. The final response was that the "normal" setting of the steering is just not pleasant if you like to have full controll and be connected with the road. To me this is critical to the joy of driving even at low speed and I do have this in my current 325. I wouldn't be surprised if in few months BMW will "tweak" this as they did with the e46 in 2001....."