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Originally Posted by Garrett View Post

Stop just assuming stuff and go read or watch the Engineering video about the 135i. The suspension and handling characteristics are different than the 335i.

It is a more tuned suspension than the 335i, it has a more e30 feel to it than a bigger, sloppier 335. Size alone isn't why this car is more agile, nor is it because of it's leaner diet..!

Your basing all your ignorant post based on specs, but we know that those can only tell helf the story. Thee "feel" and mauverability isn't found on the spec sheet. Go pick up the lastest EVO magazine and read the Best M article a couple of times to gwet an idea of how specs don't mean EVERYTHING.

Yes, on papaer, the 135i doesn't look that much different. But you don't drive a car from a spec sheet, but from behind a wheel..!

BMW's engineers have repeatedly said they worked hard in bring back the fell and dynamics of the older more "driveable" cars. Their resurecting the DNA from earlier models. You keep hanging your head on how it only marginally lighter and shorter.. etc. So.. The e46 was smaller shorter and BETTER than the e90..!

I suggest you goto BMW-TV and learn a few things before you keep spewing more ignorance.


I stopped reading this post at 'ignorant' Fanboi much?


^^ kinda dumb signing posts since your name is above your avatar no? just goes along with all the other annoying things you post i guess.