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Originally Posted by limerockpark1of50 View Post
The car was built for the US market since they built A GTS in Europe. People here wanted A true limited edition M3 not some frozen BS and they only built 200.. 50 with black wheels and 150 with silver, the cars value is def already being upped since I tried seeing what I'd get for mine being number 1, vin verified and Limerock reps keep calling to get the car to the track and Ferrari nor BMW or Mercedes can give me an accurate trade off! Porsche wanted to swap A 2011 911 turbo conv. For even swap and I said fk that.. That's over 100K so again, if your not sure what ur saying then don't say it. Cars prediction to jump up to 200K in 2 yrs is accurate since the GTS in Europe doubled its price the same way... Just sayn
It's just some paint man... Seriously.
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