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Originally Posted by talontid View Post
+1 .. I have nothing to gain by sharing my first hand experience. My car was also purchased 100% stock and modded by me.

Also I was a lax goalie for a long time.. Now my knees hurt, lol. But I miss those days. But I still ride my hardtail; not as hardcore as I used to.
Haha - Lax goalie = insane; I would never, especially with the shot velocities now. I play/played attack...left knee, left shoulder, left elbow (hockey actually)...all damaged. But I'm as delusional as Brett Favre, so I'll be back ; )

Yah I built my dream full suspension (but that could still climb), then pushed it super hard for a year and a half and sort of got burnt out. I have my old Schwinn aluminum (pre-buyout) hardtail just sitting there waiting to be restored. The frame is tits - all polished aluminum, but it transmits everything to your body haha : )