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Originally Posted by talontid View Post
that's just it, it's a mechanical fix, so there is no science/black magic to make it work, it just does. And your right, sometimes I have seen a regular smaller 02 extender not work. It does take a certain length/angle to make the signal read correct to not draw a CEL. I found that the auto parts help section anti-foulers drilled out will pull it out even further (in smaller increments) if needs be, but I just have the reg 90 degree ones and they seem to work.
(off topic, do you mountain bike? aka your screen name)
Haha - Yah I use to be a serious mountain biker in the early 2000s...but I flip flop between sports I'm obsessed with...a few bad crashes and reaching the peak of my ability led me to look for thrills elsewhere. A blown out shoulder late last year from Lacrosse and I'm in a temporary sports retirement ; )

I plan to revisit mountain biking...hopefully in the next few years. Believe it or not, Pittsburgh is actually a hot bed and has some stunning trails.