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Originally Posted by BlueLineM3 View Post
It is not. I still have a small lien on it!

Someone please buy this thing!!! I found a F80 that I want!!
Letís hear some offers!! I will be accommodating as possible!
I donít usually $hit on other peopleís posts, but I am curious as to what kind of offer are you thinking about accepting? I think itís pretty obvious that the asking price is a bit over the top. This is not a lime rock to be at the 60k range (maybe Iím in minority here, but this is just an individual paint).

The fact that you posted prices on the individual part you have is also a bit desperate. This is an m3 forum. Every single member here knows how much those parts areÖ no reason to nickel and dime it.

Iíve seen your post on Facebook get roasted pretty heavyÖ but itís the world of social mediaÖ youíll get that a lot. I apologize in advance for posting this, my intention is not to crap on your postÖ just trying to let you know that the asking price is at a minimum 10k overpriced. Whether you think this market will deliver that is a gamble, Iím sure, you donít have time for.

Either way, I wish you best luck on getting your asking price.
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