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Originally Posted by Brake_Late View Post
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Looks amazing! They can stick one in the next gen M2!
Exactly my thinking !

Brake_Late that's why I said that the moniker S48 would sound good -

As in " detune that P48 into an S48 and put it in a road going car like a G87 M2 CSL ..."
Ahhh🍻 I read ya loud and clear 🙌🏼
except the 2 series part becoming a CSL ...
since the 2er isn't raced in DTM...adding to that the original CSL was developed for the ETCC, and campaigned in IMSA GT, and Group5 for example.
It is by no means a GT car.

The 2 has no comparable motor sports lineage.

BMW is a stickler for heritage and homage to its racing roots. So it only makes sense that any true CSL car should be birthed from a current DTM based car. Aka the M4. But nowadays... you just never know.

Not hating. Just 2 cents.

But it's not up to us...we'll just have to wait and see where it all goes. 🚆

I still suspect that whatever it's body -
the next CSL will have a combo motor of electric and petrol.
If there is one thing I have learned in my nearly 3 decades of bmw ownership, is that bmw really doesn't care about tradition. They will make signage , tout things for either ten months or maybe even ten years, but they typically will throw that tradition out the window in the name of profit.

Creating the " SAV" was against tradition.

Refusing to build an SUV became a new tradition that ended this year with the X7.

M motors carried an S designation.

" M motors have individual throttle bodies" used to be a thing.

Open deck ? Closed Deck ?

M3 meant 2 door coupe. Now that's M4 and the M3 30 JAHRE is a 4 door sedan.

Odd numbers are sedans and even number are for coupes. Well. Except for gran coupe.

The six series was a coupe for decades and then added 2 doors and became a gran coupe and then now it's a 5 door hatch.

We will not make an M from the 1 series.

We will not make a Z4M ..

We will not make an M3 sedan because M3 is for coupe only. Except E36M3/4. Never mind we don't want to cannibalize M5.. so no E46 M3 .. sedan oh wait .. fans were mad last generation .. let's make an E9X model ...

DTM Mirrors .. Became M mirrors and were that way for decades .. but suddenly weren't a thing according to BMW for the M2 .. oh wait ,.. fans mad ..

Etc etc.

I'm so used to BMW double speak, I include it as a second language in job applications.

Heck they still may roll out an F87 M2 CSL along with an M2 racing model program to replace the M235 racing in the next year ..
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