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Two months ago I took a guy for a test drive in my M5. A New Jersey State Trooper catches me doing 71 in a 65 and also informs me that I have no front license plate and -- I swear -- says he has to impound my car. The cop had a nasty German/Polish accent and I swear he was a Nazi. Anyway, after me being as nice as possible (and incredulous because of a tow truck hauling away my M), the cop passed on "impounding" the car and did not give me a ticket for going six miles an hour over the limit. What crap!! It was, in essence, harrasment. Anyway, I am doing an ED on a 135 in July. The car will NOT have a front plate. And I have my excuse all set -- the dealer forgot to put it on; it's on order; then it has to be painted; then they have to call me.