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you know what, it's going to happen, but the global economic growth will be on a slower, more healthy recovery path, one without phony credit schemes. What we won't have this next growth cycle is a growth driver... computing revolution has basically no blood left in the stone to squeeze out... people have to wake up to the fact that the last 30 years was a very special time in history, and that time is over, gone, finished. Jobs are gonna be hard to come by in all sectors, even in tech, believe it or not.

But since everyone is waiting on the sidelines to buy anything/everything, eventually the consumer is going to start spending, more or less in unison, and it's going to look like we're back in the game all of a sudden. So those cheaps F430s, 360s, M3s, etc... the vultures will wait too long to swoop in on them, and miss the boat entirely. The smart money will be in the next 90 days... though perhaps the bottom is somewhere in the next 180 days.... I suck at timing peaks or bottoms, though I do get horribly lucky at times.